St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois
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St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois
Historic Quincy Business District celebrates 2013
successes, hands out awards at annual dinner
January 2014

Organization Committee Award

The 2013 Organization Committee Award was presented to Boy Scout Troop 22 for their work
with Blues in the District. As Blues has grown, the need to be good neighbors and keep the Park
clean has been on-going issue. That is, until 2 years ago when a local organization stepped
forward to help. The boys and leaders from Boy Scout Troop 22 at St. Francis have been nothing
short of amazing in their efforts. If you are around after a Blues concert you will see them digging
through trash, picking out cans, scouring the ground and ensuring that every piece of trash has
been removed from the park before they go home. These fine young men have some wonderful
adults who lead by example and assist in the clean-up efforts. In fact, each year when the boys are
away at camp, the moms come to Blues to do the clean up. They continue to leave the park better
than they find it and have improved our representation in the community by making sure that our
mess is cleaned up.